Shower Glass


There are many contractors in Texas to choose from, but you’ll want someone with loads of experience and a great record of service along with superior quality workmanship so that your bath remodel is handled properly.

Sometimes you hire a contractor and someone else shows up. This is because they sub-contract the work to someone else. At Austin Kitchen and Bath we handle the entire process from beginning to end and do not rely on other companies to perform our work. We, and we alone, control the quality of the work we provide and our standards are very high. You want us because we are particular about our reputation and the quality of our services. From shower glass doors and enclosures to tile, we have the experience, tools, and know-how to reconstruct your bathroom, or any remodel, from the ground up.


It can be a huge struggle just to find a reliable construction company. And, with many people migrating to Austin, Texas from different areas of the United States there is a lot to choose from. The first step is to get a bid. This will give you an idea of the scope of the project and best prices and practices for our Austin area. This can be an arduous process. Often at Austin Kitchen and Bath we are called in to correct another remodeler’s mistakes. So, why not hire somebody professional at the outset? With our decades of experience in the Austin area you can trust that Austin Kitchen and Bath will see you through the entire process with the least disruption to your life.

Our workforce is well trained and qualified

  • Thorough, detailed, bidding with no hidden charges or fees.
  • You are informed as to what products your remodel requires.
  • Experienced, local workmen show up in a timely fashion to handle your project

All cities, including Austin have idiosyncrasies you need watch out for. When you hire Austin Kitchen and Bath you’re hiring our experienced, local professionals who belong to the same community, and have worked in Austin, and the surrounding area for years. We have been doing this for a long time and know our local area and what to watch out for.

The first thing you need to do is determine what you don’t want to keep and what you want to put in its place. There are many design choices and what appeals to you, only you can determine. If you do not know the latest in frameless shower design or bathroom styles, don’t worry – we can show you pictures of what other people have done in the Austin area to help you. This step of the process will set the scope of your project. Once we know the size and scope we can provide an accurate quote with all the relevant information for the entire process.


While replacing your shower you may find that you want to add other items to your bathroom. Often cabinets are the first choice a homeowner makes when starting the process of a design as they will set the stage for the rest of the elements of the bathroom.

New cabinetry or a new vanity will not only make your bathroom more functional, often adding drawers and storage, but will make the first statement in design that all the other elements adhere to.

Once you’ve chosen your new vanity and cabinetry the next thing you’ll want to do is select a countertop. We specialize in granite and quartz stone countertops. Whatever your countertop choice – granite or laminate, tile or a solid surface synthetic, we do it all. Simply choose your preference and we’ll handle the rest without involving other contractors.

The next choice in the lineup is the type of flooring and wall design you prefer. The beauty of a frameless shower is that it appears weightless to the eye and does not break up your space. One sees through the unframed glass to the design behind. It also increases the appearance of the size of the bathroom. So, a smaller bathroom can seem much larger after the installation of the frameless shower enclosure. The design behind the glass is part of the room therefore, your choice in wall and flooring will be visible as part of the entire bathroom. Often, in Austin, once the countertop is chosen, the homeowner chooses a matching type of tile to compliment the earlier design choices. We do all of our own tile work here at Austin Kitchen and Bath – you can rest assured that you’re dealing with our own professional staff throughout the entire process.

When replacing your shower bath combo with a new frameless shower use the order below to organize the design details for the bathroom remodel:

  1. Choose the cabinetry and vanity
  2. Countertop
  3. Then, walls & flooring

Learning more about the design choices you’re making for your new remodeling project in Austin is important if you want your new space to function according to you or your family’s needs, and furthermore, the design itself is one you will be living with for years to come. Before beginning it is important to understand the details of the design and functionality of your bathroom. No two bathroom projects are alike, and what works for one family, often causes another frustration. Austin Kitchen and Bath can help you with the details of functionality of each of the specific parts of the bathroom remodel. Sometimes it makes sense to have a lower shower head to wash the family dog, other families require a soaking tub in addition to a shower. As we age, it becomes hard to step up and over, into a shower, if you’re looking for a more accessible solution for an aging relative living with you, we can help. You know yourself, and your family – we have the years of experience to craft your dream bathroom into reality.


When you’ve decided you’re ready to begin your project in Austin it is simple an easy to schedule with Austin Kitchen and Bath.

Call Austin Kitchen and Bath or email us and let us know that you’re ready and we’ll work with you to determine when to begin the installation of your new shower door or remodel.
Sign the proposal
Attain any products you have agreed to purchase for the shower door installation or remodel before the start date

If you are doing your first remodeling project in Austin, then it is natural that you will have questions and concerns regarding your  space, and how to make the most of it for your family. Although we’re not a ‘design company’ we do know our business and can help you with the choices you make providing dependable advice regarding the functionality of your particular design choices fit for your scenario and budget.