​If you’re looking for new countertops in Austin or taking on a bathroom / kitchen renovation project in Austin, TX or the metro area whether your choice is granite, quartz or laminate, call Austin Kitchen and Bath. Granite is one of the most popular countertop choice in Austin and a great solution.

There are also a lot of new countertop materials such as engineered stone, plus old standards like laminate that are re-surging in popularity. Whatever your countertop preference we can help. We can help with countertops, kitchen countertops, and bathroom countertops.

We can install a new backsplash or remodel your entire kitchen from floor to ceiling. We fabricate granite countertops, quartz countertops, and stone at our specialty shop and perform the entire installation.


Choosing the right countertop is not as difficult as it seems. There are so many color options for each counter  surface type, odds are almost any countertop material you choose can fit into your kitchen or bath design, whether you select laminate countertop or natural stone countertop , quartz countertop or solid surface countertop. Since there are so many color options, how you function in the kitchen, or how you would like your kitchen to function will narrow the  choices.

Problem: I chose granite but I don’t know if this granite will stain, need sealing or have problems with etching.

Tip: Use our handy granite countertop selection and seal guide to purchase the most stain resistant granite countertop or assess the seal on your granite countertop choice.


Since we don’t change out our countertops every season and with the kitchen as the heart and social center of most Austin homes, the countertop material you select will be an item you will be living with for years to come. The latest Austin craze may look downright crazy after 5 or 6 years, and countertop choices are especially important if you’re hoping to improve the functionality of a hard working kitchen. For the busy kitchen, it is imperative that functionality is not sacrificed to design.


These three guides can help you make an informed decision regarding your countertop material, and with so many options in countertops, whittle down your choices to a manageable level:

If you have chosen granite countertop, the most popular choice in countertops, the following information can help with selecting the best granite countertop that will resist staining and etching.

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One of the most popular choices in Austin today is granite, and with its wide range of colors plus high durability granite makes a great countertop choice. Due to samples being different than the actual slabs we do not carry any Granite samples inside the store anymore. You can download our supplier list here. If you tell them that you are working with us, then they will send over the quote and then we can give you the install quote.


You might be wondering what the difference is between kitchen countertops vs bathroom countertops. The main difference between the two is for kitchen countertops you usually have to buy full countertop slabs and bathroom countertops you need to find remnant pieces. What is a remnant piece you may ask yourself? ​A remnant piece is a leftover piece from a previous job that we have leftover. This is the best way for you the customer to do your bathroom. This means a better price for you at the end. Sometimes our countertop companies have sells on certain slabs and colors and we pass that price along to you!


Choosing the right countertop is a lifestyle choice and getting the perfect fit for how you function will keep you happy for years to come. With our decades of experience, Austin Kitchen and Bath can help with an accurate quote and expert countertop material and installation information. If you are considering a kitchen or bath remodeling project in Austin and changing out your countertop, it is natural that you will have questions and concerns regarding your space, and how to make the most of the countertop options for you and your family.

Problem: My bath is very small and granite suppliers won’t split a slab for me. I only want granite or marble in my bath.

Tip: Look for a slab remnant left over from a granite or marble install in the Austin area. 

If your bathroom countertop could use an update when remodeling your kitchen, talk to your contractor about using the same slab in the bath or powder room. With a little prior planning, and enough left over material, your bathroom countertop could possibly use the same slab as your kitchen, giving you more bang for your countertop dollar.

With over 40 years in the industry we can help you with the information you need for your countertop installation in the Austin metro area. Our goal is to help you make informed choices regarding the best counter-top material for you, fitting your design and functionality needs with a material that will serve you in your kitchen or bath  for years to come. Start easily by calling Austin Kitchen and Bath today at 512-250-5829.