Austin Kitchen and Bath is a specialty custom cabinet maker with a professional cabinet shop crafting any design you crave, from traditional to frame-less, European-modern  to Victorian. We also provide a fine selection of high quality stock (modular) cabinetry to choose from. Not opting for new cabinets? We have been modifying and refinishing cabinetry in the Austin metro area for years.  Finally, we provide accessories such as organizational systems to complete your project and make it fully functional and customized just for you. We can provide you anything for your kitchen cabinets to bathroom cabinets or any cabinets in Austin that you are needing.


Are you currently looking for new kitchen cabinets? We carry 7 different companies that we can order from plus if your needing custom kitchen cabinets then we can order those too! Between all of the different companies, we guarantee that you’ll find your perfect kitchen cabinet that fits right into your budget and into your very unique style. All 7 kitchen cabinet companies are on display in some way in our showroom so you can see the different styles and that way you can select the cabinet that fits right with you.

Five of the seven kitchen cabinet companies are RTA cabinets or ready to assemble cabinets. RTA cabinets are shipped to us flat packed and not put together. They get delivered to our shop in Cedar Park and we assemble them there. We can either sell you an RTA kitchen cabinet as is or we can assemble them and sell them to you that way.

Are assembled cabinets cheaper than RTA cabinets because you have to assemble them? This is a question that we run into a lot. Just because some  kitchen cabinets already come assembled doesn’t mean that they are cheaper. All seven kitchen cabinet companies have different pricing structures and the difference is going to be the material that the particular company uses, the popularity of that product, and weather or not you can customize the cabinets. Most RTA cabinets are already boxed and they just send them to us once we order and because of this they come as is and there are no changes to them.


All of the cabinet companies that we have been talking about have bathroom cabinets or sometimes called vanity cabinets. Bathroom cabinets start out at 24″ wide and you go up from there. If you have larger than a 60″ or 72″ bathroom cabinet, then the cabinets are probably going to have to be separate cabinets instead of one big one. Bathroom cabinets come in all sorts of designs and many of them you can match your existing cabinets or even create get completely different ones for your bathroom.

Designs of bathroom cabinets have come a long way. These days they are taller than what some people are used to but you can always go custom if you are wanting to go that route also. We have traditional vanity cabinets plus the “furniture style” vanity to the free standing European style cabinets. Whatever style of bathroom cabinet you are looking for we can get it. If you don’t like any of the bathroom cabinet companies that we have or if you are needing something more custom, then we can do that for you as well!

Since there are so many different types of bathroom cabinets, we have 11 companies to choose from. The seven kitchen cabinet companies have bathroom cabinets also. What are the other four bathroom cabinet companies that you have then? Very good question. We carry three bathroom cabinet companies that are the “furniture style” cabinets that were mentioned earlier and one company that does the wall hanging or European style cabinets.